Install guidelines of OpenFace and VIBE visualisation dashboard.

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  • Download the OpenFace software from HERE,
  • Download the VIBE Dashboard from HERE.
  • ….(OpenFace requires a C++ runtime that usually comes with Win10 but if not just install it from HERE )

OpenFace installation

  • The download comes in a .zip file format.  Open the file and copy the folder contents “OpenFace_v0.1” to your local (C) drive.
  • Install the VIBE Dashboard to the SAME drive letter on your computer… E.g, (C Drive\program files (x86) etc).
  • You will have already reordered your weekly music therapy footage and a “baseline” video of the client out of music therapy to compare to.
  • Use a video editing package to crop the video footage so that the video is just of the clients face.
  • These videos will be labeled in music therapy (IMT), and out of music therapy (OOT).  NOTE ( You must use a particular syntax for your videos for example, CLIENTNAME-DATE-IMT for in music therapy and CLIENTNAME-DATE-OOT for out of music therapy. E.g. “Dan-120517-IMT” “Dan-120517-OOT”. This part is very important to enable the software to correctly identify each video when processing the data.
  • Open the OpenFace.exe file in the folder “OpenFace_v0.1\OpenFace.exe”
  • When the OpenFace window opens, click Recording Settings and make sure “Record AUs” and “Record Model Parameters” are both checked.
  • Open the video that has been edited in the OpenFace software and it should begin processing the footage.

That’s the OpenFace part complete, now the Dashboard so you can see the data in visual form.

Getting the processed data into the Dashboard

  • The dashboard has options to copy the data from the OpenFace directory and place it in the dashboard for processing.  There are also options for just processing data if you want to copy and paste manually or just simply launching the dashboard.  You will notice once you have installed the dashboard there will be a folder called “VIBE” in your start menu with these options.
  • The copy-convert option will try and copy the files automatically from the OpenFace record directory and place them in the VIBE directory for processing.  You must make sure that your files have the correct syntax as mentioned in the OpenFace set up and have an equivalent OOT version. See the image below for an example.

As a minimum requirement just one “baseline” or OOT footage is required and can be used in comparison with several in Music Therapy or IMT footage. If this is the case than you will need to rename the OOT footage on each comparison to match the IMT saved data name.

For further assistance you will find a link to a video tutorial HERE or email us at


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