Dementia and Music Therapy


There is a huge interest from the music therapy community and organisations affiliated with serving people living with Dementia. While there is currently no cure for Dementia there is a huge amount of time and effort going into research to further understand the complexity of this degenerative disorder. While this is ongoing in the mean time people living with Dementia clearly need support in a variety of person-centered ways. Music Therapy is one way that this can be facilitated. There is a wealth of evidence to support the positive effects of music in general where Dementia is concerned.
At Vibe music therapy we apply a person centered approach that is driven by outcome measures on quality of life. Through establishing relationships with staff and service users at Dementia based settings we provide a music therapy experience for service users that utilises elements of a clinical approach that we believe contribute to quality of life. Music Therapy in this context is particularly focused on group based interventions that support service user engagement and utilise improvisational techniques that promote positive expressions and a sense that even in living with Dementia, people CAN engage and function with others that surprises most.


  • Increase engagement with staff and service users
  • Increased Quality of Life
  • Reduced agitation/frustration
  • Increase communication of service user needs


  • Hospital Wards
  • Care homes for the elderly
  • Schools, mainstream/specialist
  • Private healthcare settings for Physical/Learning disability
  • Prisons
  • Private homes
  • Council run support settings

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