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Music Therapy Stories

There are many misconceptions of what Music Therapy actually is. To make things even more complex there are a number of official definitions from a number of Professional organisations that foster the development of our field.
You can find out about definitions in the ‘What is Music Therapy’ section from the top menu. Below are a number of clinical Vignettes that provide a visual insight to the process of music therapy in a number of settings.

It is important to state that confidentiality is of great importance in upholding professional, legal, and data protection act standards. Vibe Music Therapy Ltd is a registered data protection controller and consent is always gained for all our clients featured with the specific objective of raising awareness for the practice of music therapy.

Music Therapy Stories

Below you will find some extracts from music therapy in action. Music therapists tend to record sessions for further analysis and work in accordance with the data protection act. Consent has been obtained for all video footage presented.

PIMD and Music Therapy

PIMD and Music Therapy 

Selective Mutism and Music Therapy

Selective Mutism and Music Therapy

Physical and Learning Disability and Music Therapy

Physical and Learning Disability and Music Therapy

Music Therapy and Profound Deafness

Profound Deafness and Music Therapy

Music Therapy Articles

Below are a selection of aticles that talk about various subjects related to music therapy.  We are regularly updating this section in conjunction with the social media updates that we feel are of interest and should be publicised.

Finding Time in Music

Music Therapy Explained

Becoming a music therapist

Becoming a music therapist


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