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We provide bespoke training to local authorities and are involved with events promoting music therapy to support individuals, healthcare settings and the wider community.

Vibe Music Therapists

Experienced Healthcare Professionals


We visit a variety of settings all across the North West of England. A standard day as a music therapist comprises of engaging with a number of clients in both individual and group music therapy sessions. Groups tend to be of around 3-5 individuals, and sessions tend to last between 30 minutes to an hour, although this depends on the needs of people we are working with. We pride ourselves on working in a multidisciplinary way, engaging with staff and family and understanding the people we work with to best support the aims and outcome measures tailored to each client.

We are happy to get involved with short term, (3-6 months) and long term (12 months +) projects. Unfortunately, we do not offer ‘one-off’ sessions. The minimum course of music therapy is 10 weeks with sessions usually being conducted on a weekly basis.

Music Based Activities Training/CPD/Workshops

Music Therapists rely heavily on the support of staff who work with service users. The wealth of knowledge in how each service user is on a day-to-day basis is critical in building a picture of the people we work with. Staff are essential to help facilitate music therapy, especially in group sessions. To aid understanding in how best to support music therapy, we offer staff workshops as part of CPD and the practical side of delivering sessions. Workshops involve understanding the background of music therapy, some of the techniques used in the process and simulated activities that reveal how the process works.

Our “Music Based Activities Training”.  course is designed for schools, support workers, carers and other healthcare professionals. No musical experience is required. For more information click here.

Due to the flexible nature of music therapy, it is often used in corporate team building. Group music therapy sessions allow communication, expression and engagement on many levels and this can facilitate bringing a group of employees closer together to drive efficiency in how people work and increase productivity. If this is an area of interest get in touch here and let us know how you would like us to support your company objectives.


Community and Charitable Projects

We are always looking at ways to support the local community in and around the Merseyside, Liverpool and Cheshire area.

Previous short term projects supported have included: 

  • Homeless Shelters and short term respite
  • Addiction & Rehabilitation support
  • Domestic Violence/abuse
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugee support

If you are part of a local council or an individual/organisation that already does great work with people in and around Merseyside or Cheshire please contact us and we’d be happy to discus where we could add value. 

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We service clients across the North West of England and have bases in the City of Liverpool and the Wirral. If you have an inquiry, please fill in your details on the contact form below and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

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