Profound Deafness and Music Therapy

Debbie’s Story (part 2)

Over recent months we’ve have had the pleasure of working at a day centre to provide music therapy interventions for adults living with a broad range of disabilities. One of the service users we were lucky enough to work with was Debbie. Debbie has a learning disability and is profoundly deaf. Being able to support Debbie with provision is incredibly difficult due to the nature of her disabilities.

We wanted to attempt to create activities in music therapy that would enable her to be able to express herself and enhance communication and engagement. This clip is 2 parts and in this second part we explore instruments and utilise a vibration speaker that is connected to the guitar and piano, amplifying the sound made on the instruments through the drums that Debbie holds close to her face.

The Damson vibration speaker (the blue speaker used in the clip) has proven to be an incredibly effective device to enhance the expressions from the piano and guitar to the drums that Debbie has chosen to hold.

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